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Corrugated plastic processing

Because the corrugated plastic sheet may be widely used and has a number of beneficial accomplishments, it is the adequate answer to the more challenging packaging needs.

Corrugated plastic packaging may be customized in terms of size and individual customer’s requests which may be combined with a number of internal separators and protectors. Corrugated plastic packaging effectively protects the products because it is strong and stable, it is durable and reusable, waterproof, non-corrosive, non-rotting and easy to clean.

Because of its carrying capacity, easy manageability and resistance, corrugated plastic packaging may represent excellent alternative against the wood-based packaging products. Corrugated plastic packaging is environment friendly because it is 100% recyclable.

We are offering our corrugated plastic sheets to our customers as the official Hungarian partners to a global leading packaging company DS Smith Slovakia

Our Solutions

Corrugated plastic sheets may be widely used for the most various packaging needs because they are light-weighted, durable and stable. Our corrugated plastic sheets are available in a number of configuration.

A huge range of boxes, trays, internal separators, protectors and other unique packaging solutions may be implemented from corrugated plastic sheets upon request which are suitable for one way and also returnable, holds individual design and may be combined with other materials and products.

Our containers are primarily designed for the transportation and storage of middle-sized and large products. Such containers are easily manageable and durable. Our containers may be customized with various compartments, paddings, locks and other solutions.

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