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Packaging exercises through wagework and assembly of labour-intensive products.

We are also undertaking packaging exercises through wagework. Such wagework is generally performed against a preliminary agreed-upon fee in accordance with the instructions and samples given by the customer.

Upon the completion of the wagework, the semi-finished and finished product may be forwarded to the customer or another person for further stages of work. The semi-finished and finished products may be put into warehouse or sold on behalf of the customer upon specific request and against preliminary agreed fee.

Our Services

Our customers may apply for the following packaging exercises through wagework: automatic piercing up to B/1 size, jar piercing up to B/0 size, manual and mechanical sticking, folding, stamping, bright and matte wrapping up to B/1 size, scoring, mounting, punching, printing and cutting up to 1300 mm width.

Upon preliminary request, we organize the transportation of those semi-finished and finished products which we have manufactured in wagework.

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